05 December 2009

Why? No, really—why?

Yes, yet another blog mocking really bad lyrics.

And that brings up what’s actually a good question—why start a blog on a tired subject, especially when the blogosphere is saturated and people are likely never to read it?

Completely valid, so i give two answers. The first is: ’Cause i want to.

The second is: There are an uncountable number of really bad songs out there, and it’s going to take as many of us as possible to deliver the mockery they deserve. I’m just answering the call.

So, from now on, i’ll be posting my comments on song lyrics here on this blog, with a lean toward the eighties. And i’ll be posting these on Fridays, in honor of the only way many of us children of the eighties first experienced many songs in their complete, full-color glory: Friday Night Videos.

So as next Friday rolls around, sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekly tour through some of the weakest lyrics ever to make the charts.

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