22 September 2010

My one big user-interface problem with Blogger

So i decided on a song for this Friday’s installment of Lyrics, Weakly, but it was such a tempting target that i wanted to make sure i hadn’t discussed it before and simply forgot about it. To make sure, i went over to the blog and…well, it didn’t look right. The most recent post was Boys Don’t Cry’s “I Wanna Be a Cowboy”, which was not what i expected to see there. So i poked around, and discovered that i had left last Friday’s post a draft, never actually publishing it to the blog.

(Really, now that they’ve fixed the Chinese porn spam problem, my biggest complaint with Blogger is that the buttons to publish and to save as a draft are right next to each other—i’ve been caught by that a couple times on another blog i write, so you would have thought i’d’ve learned by now to always check the blog right after something gets published. But no, apparently not…)

Anyway, rather than put last Friday’s post up this morning, i’m deferring it to this Friday so it’s at the top of the page for a full week—it deserves it, as i’m sure you’ll agree when you see what it is. Of course, that means that you’ll have to wait an extra week to see what horrors managed to hit #1 in 1983, but in exchange for getting a full week to revel in the horrors that hit #1 in 1996? Yeah, 1983 can wait.

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